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Descendants from Moldova in Israel


In various sources it is estimated that from 80 to 100 thousand Jews from Moldova has repatriated to the State of Israel. Israelis originating from Moldova are highly valued in Israel as skilled professionals. They are employed in various spheres of Israeli economy, public sector and arts. Some of them have achieved impressive results, and are nowadays well known in Israel and abroad. Many of them have even restored their Moldovan citizenship. About 200 thousand Israeli citizens have a relation to Moldova in this or another way – through their spouses, parents, grandparents, or they were just born in Moldova (former Bessarabia). Even a founder and the first Mayor of Tel-Aviv, Mr. Meir Dizengoff who came to Israel in the late 19th century, was born in the Orhei region of Moldova. The same refers to painters Nahum Gutman and Moisey Gamburg, composer Samuel Cohen best remembered for his arrangement of the Israeli National Anthem, Hatikvah, Yitshak Korn the founder of The World Federation of Bessarabian Jews and “Beit Bassarabia” in Tel Aviv. MK Avigdor Liberman is a Moldovan born Israeli politician. Moldovan routs have also prominent Israeli politicians Matan Vilnai, Gideon Saar, D. Yalom, ex. MK Dan Korn, Mr. Oded Eran, Head of Israeli branch of the World Jewish Congress and ex-Ambassador of Israel to EU, Raya Jaglom ex-leader of Jewish women organization, famous Israeli born actress Natalie Portman.

Certainly, many descendants from Moldova are interested in preserving spiritual, cultural ties with the land of their ancestors. The Moldovan Embassy holds multiple joint activities with people descending from Moldova and united into 2 associations. Jointly there are organized various cultural events at which the people sing Moldovan songs, dance Moldovan, Gagauz and Bulgarian dances. The key cultural event organized by these associations is Martisor (traditional Moldovan holiday, and nowadays also an international cultural forum marking the beginning of spring. Commences annually on the first day of March – Martie in Moldovan. Hence is the event name – Martisor). Our former compatriots visit the Embassy also on the Jewish holidays of Rosh ha-Shana, Hanukkah, Pesach, and we enjoy such communication immensely. With their help, we learn more about the Jewish nation’s history and traditions.

The World Federation of Bessarabian Jews – was established in 1941 by a group of young lawyers who took upon themselves the tasks to preserve the heritage of Bessarabian Jewry in Moldova and in Israel by publishing books and materials which document the history of the Jewish communities and organizations that were active in Moldova during the 20th century; by initiating cultural and educational activity concerning literature, poetry, painting, dancing and other forms of art which relate to the Bessarabia-Moldova tradition; by focusing on the preservation and learning of the Yiddish language and Yiddish culture and to remember and commemorate the Jews who died during the Holocaust.

In 1971, “Beit Bessarabia” was opened in Tel-Aviv. In the “Beit Bessarabia” house there is a library with rare historical books, a unique exhibition, an archive dealing with Bessarabian Jewry, lecture halls and an auditorium. “Beit Bessarabia” serves as the center for Jewish activity which exists in many communities all over Israel and abroad.

In the last few years, “Beit Bessarabia” has become a meeting point for Israeli business people who are interested in establishing economic and commercial activity in the Republic of Moldova.

President: Professor, Dr. Dan Korn
World Federation of Bessarabian Jews

Address: Beit Bessarabia, 228 Bnei Efraim St., Tel-Aviv 69107
Tel.: 03-6470111
Email: dan_korn@netvision.net.il

Association of Moldova-Origin Israelis “Izvoras” [Izvorash] – was created in 2005 and has evolved from multiple scattered regional associations into centralized body representing many of them and thus unifying their power and diversifying and enriching their activities, bringing them to new qualitative levels. Main goals quested by the Association aim at consolidation of the community, promotion of various cultural projects of descendants from Moldova, maintaining traditions of Moldovan Jewry, care and upkeep of Jewish Cemeteries in Moldova and promotion of humane and cultural relations between Israeli and Moldovan nations. Recent years a large amount of cultural activities were organized by Izvoras, among them in March 2006 Martisor celebration in Petah Tikwa, with a remarkable audience of approximately 1000 guests. Peak of activity was in 2007 with 3 big Martisor concerts in Beer-Sheva, Ofakim and Ashdod, numerous regional reunions all over Israel and participation of a large delegation in the 2nd Congress of People Originating from Moldova under the patronage of the President of Moldova, held in Chisinau in October 2007. For 2008, there is already planed and being realized even much more intensive program. The Association is managed by Mr. Efraim Bauch, Chairman of the Israeli Federation of Writers Union and Acting President of the P.E.N. Center in Israel, Executive Director of Association Mr. Arkady Brover, Mrs. Asea Halfin, Financial Director and Mrs. Mila Bekker, Head of Ashqelon Department.

Leaders of Izvoras: from left to right – E. Bauch, A. Halfin, A. Brover, M. Beker

Association “Izvoras”

Address: 87/7a Azmaut St., Ashdod
Tel./Fax: 08-8677672
Cell: 054-4535045
Site: www.izvorash.org