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Embassy address:
38 Rembrandt St.,
Tel Aviv, 64045

Phone: +972-3-5231000
Fax: +972-3-5233000

E-mail: tel-aviv@mfa.gov.md

Official institutions

President of the Republic of Moldova www.president.md
Parliament of the Republic of Moldova www.parlament.md
Government of the Republic of Moldova www.gov.md


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration www.mfa.gov.md
Ministry of Economy and Commerce www.mec.gov.md
Ministry of Finance www.mf.gov.md
Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure www.mii.gov.md
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry www.maia.gov.md
Ministry of Transport and Road Management www.mtgd.gov.md
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources www.mediu.gov.md
Ministry of Education and Youth www.edu.gov.md
Ministry of Health www.ms.gov.md
Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child www.mpsfc.gov.md
Ministry of Culture and Tourism www.tourism.gov.md
Ministry of Justice www.justice.gov.md
Ministry of Internal Affairs www.mai.gov.md
Ministry of Defense www.army.gov.md
Ministry of Informational Development www.mdi.gov.md
Ministry of Reintegration www.reintegrare.md
Ministry of Local Public Administration www.mapl.gov.md


Interethnic Relations Bureau www.bri.gov.md
National Statistics Bureau www.statistica.gov.md
Border Service www.border.gov.md
Customs Service www.customs.gov.md
Standardization and Metrology Service www.ssm.gov.md
Forestry Agency “Moldsilva” www.moldsilva.gov.md
Agency for Constructions and Territorial Development www.acdt.gov.md
Agro-industrial Agency “Moldova-Vin” www.aamv.gov.md
Material Reserves, Public Acquisitions and Humanitarian Aid Agency www.tender.gov.md
Cadastre and Land Relations Agency www.arfc.gov.md
Center for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption www.cccec.gov.md
Licensing Chamber www.licentiere.gov.md
Sport Agency www.sport.gov.md
Agency “Apele Moldovei”